Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Princess Apron #1

A Pinterest success!
I saw a picture of these princess aprons (link here) and thought geez these would be so much better than full dresses for my little girls [especially when we go to Disney World later this year]. 

Princess Dress-Up Aprons instead of actual dresses. Easy to put on. Will fit while she grows.

After the better part of a night, into the early morning (despite still having to go to work in the morning), I finished this [Sleeping] beauty. Totally corny. It took me longer than it should because I had to relearn my sewing machine, decide exactly what I was going to do, oh and re-sew all the ties because the first time I sewed them into the wrong side. Helpful tip if you attempt this... If you sew a double layer apron the ties remain with the right side (duh, I know). I bought the fabric at Hancock Fabric - it's cotton; the tulle and gold [holiday] ribbon came from my stash. I mostly winged it. If you would like more details, let me know.
BeyondPrincess.blogspot.com: Pretty Princess Apron - Sleeping Beauty Pink      BeyondPrincess.blogspot.com: Pretty Princess Apron - Sleeping Beauty Pink

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