Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Home Decor

I found this pretty glass piece (empty) at Marshalls which was under $10. I was thinking to fill it with colored layers of candy, M&Ms, Skittles, peppermints. But when it came time to pouring the candy, I couldn't do it. Knowing that all that candy would be sitting there begging me to eat it. Or [gasp] candy just going to waste...  I don't think so.

I rumaged through the pantry and found anything cheap, colorful and most importantly had a long shelf life.  I ended up with simple things you can do too.

First, find a glass container that closes (to keep out dust and probably bugs).
Next, fill the sucker**. I used popcorn kernels, purple rice, brown lentils, white rice, green lentils, but you could go wild with different noodles, beans and grains. Also I cheated by sticking a drinking glass in the center to cut down on materials. But being cheap has it perks because now I could put a candle inside.

Another thought, how about following a cute little mason jar recipes. I love the look of those, that would be easy to do on a larger scale.

**If you're a bit (or a lot) of a perfectionist... remember to level the layer before adding the next.

I enjoy the natural look of the decor. Currently this is sitting on top of our entertainment center. I would love to see what creation you have made.

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